of psychology, politics and the in-betweens

What lies beyond a tragedy?

Tragedy or opportunity. Half full or half empty. Black or white. Sorrow or hope. Despair or faith.


It’s starting to feel really cold outside and beginning to appreciate the subway where I can get some break from the winter-like weather. Some people told me to give myself 2 - 5 years and decide whether NY winter life is really for me. Let us see. 

For the time being, I will try to appreciate the beauty of nature and looking forward to snow (really the real snow). 

The Prince and the Wolf.

I thought there such a story with this title. I guess this is one of my moments of wobbling. It’s not that I am not decisive but because anywhere I go (whatever direction I take) I still get what I like. Is it bad to get two beautiful things in life? But why I am feeling things are a mess now. Is it because positive + positive repel? One strong Filipino culture that I can depend on now is ‘go with the flow’. Kung saan ka man dalhin ng hangin, doon at paroroan ka.

How does this relate to the Prince and the Wolf? Simple, two great stories in one… The boy who cried wolf and the Prince and the pauper.

It’s really hard to be in a middle of politics at work.

Canned sardines

Canned sardines, that is what describes the subway situation earlier today when I was heading back home from work. Someone was also using the same expression, while trying to pacify the people whose emotions where flaring and make fun of the situation. And yes, hearing him say ‘canned sardines’ made me smile and remember Manila buses.